Slip and Fall


Slip and falls are common personal injury cases that occur in a wide variety of venues, including restaurants, shopping malls, food stores, parking lots and other public places. Owners and operators of commercial venues have a responsibility to maintain and repair premises for the safety of patrons. When they fail to do this, it is negligence, and they are responsible for injuries caused due to their negligence. If you have fallen in a commercial establishment because of something they failed to do to protect you, you may have rights that need protection. Turn to the Law Firm of Middleton Law to protect your rights.  Attorney Clinton Miner has successfully handled many slip and fall cases.

Working with the Insurance Companies

If you slip and fall in a commercial venue and incur an injury, it’s likely that you’ll be contacted by the insurance company’s claims adjuster. It’s not uncommon for the insurance company to put blame on another. For example, if it’s a parking lot, the adjuster may claim that the owner is responsible and not the operator. Another downside is that you may get a low settlement offer. With a personal injury attorney, you have a legal professional who will gather all of the contracts to determine who is specifically responsible for the maintenance and repair of the accident area. For the best outcome, it’s smart to hire a personal injury attorney like attorney Clinton Miner.

The Legal Process

During the discovery phase, a personal injury attorney will do a complete investigation. This includes taking accident scene photos, getting witness statements, gathering contractual agreements and attaining medical reports. The goal is to establish negligence and attain fair compensation for the injured party. Whether it’s a fractured leg or back injury, the plaintiff must prove negligence on behalf of the defendant in order to be compensated. Compensation typically includes monies for pain and suffering, loss of income, disability and medical expenses.

Often, slip and fall cases are settled before actually going to trial. Insurance companies don’t like to roll the dice with jury awards. However, there are times when insurance companies are stubborn and don’t want to settle.  Attorney Clinton Miner is an experienced personal injury litigator and a strong advocate in front of the judge and jury.

If you’ve had a slip and fall and have been injured, turn to Middleton Law for help.